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About TrueNote Investment Advisors, Inc.

Our TrueNote suite of companies orchestrates all elements of your financial picture through concierge wealth management service, all under one roof. From strategic tax planning to charitable giving and investment management, our passion is to help you optimize your entire financial life so your money can work more efficiently.  

While some of the financial industry works in silos—think of your CPA, broker, and attorney working independently—we bring together all elements of your financial picture for efficient wealth management. Learn more about the TrueNote teams that look forward to helping you build a heritage.  

Heritage Capital Asset Management

Private Asset Management

Let's Build a Heritage

Heritage Capital Private Asset Management is a CFA/CFP® wealth management firm and part of the TrueNote family. TrueNote Investment Advisors, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm registered with the SEC. Central to our wealth management philosophy is the aim to optimize your bottom-line financial returns. In lieu of piecemeal investing advice, we take into account every area of your financial life and build long-term strategies around your unique goals. We do more than invest. We aim to build a heritage.   

Learn more about our wealth management solutions through Heritage Capital Private Asset Management: A TrueNote Company.

Inconcert Financial Group

Strategic Tax Solutions

For Businesses, Individuals, and Family Wealth

At InConcert Financial Group®, we consider accurate bookkeeping and tax preparation basic requirements, and we aim to far exceed those. Our mission is to help maximize your tax efficiency, optimize your business, and position you for future goals. We aim to be your partner, your Chief Financial Officer. While some tax firms are historians, we’re looking forward. 

Learn more about our strategic tax solutions through InConcert Financial Group®: A TrueNote Company.

Kelly F. Crane, CFP®, CLU, CFA, MBA


“I became a wealth manager, with emphases in financial planning and risk-sensitive investing, to help families eliminate needless losses, accumulate with less investment risk, and keep more of what they've built.” 

As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Kelly is highly skilled in analyzing investments, but he doesn’t invest solely from a fund’s potential. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Kelly integrates a client’s cash-flow needs, tax picture, and personal risk tolerance into their investment plan.  

“I strongly believe that long-term, effective wealth management begins with financial planning and includes a proactive risk-reduction plan. This holistic approach can help ensure your investments match your long-term risk and return objectives and, hopefully, help you build a heritage for generations to come.”